Be kind, be multilingual

The problem: we want to have a page in several languages. Without having to create one html file for each page for each language. The solution can be divided in three parts: 1. how to know in which language we must show the page, 2. how to render the “structure” of the pages and 3. […]

How to mimic Twitter slides on Safari Mobile

Last night, during our local NSCoders meeting, one of my fellow coders asked me how to replicate some functionality using CSS. It turned out that the functionality required more JavaScript than CSS. In Twitter the user can slide a twit to show some controls that relate to that twit.  Jorge wanted to imitate this behaviour. […]

Passing PHP variables to JavaScript

I was involved in a project this December where, in order to simplify the code and due to some ill-conceived piece of code, it was required to pass some variables from PHP to JavaScript. On other projects you may need to pass arrays or localized text to your JavaScript, for example to show messages. Or […]